Therapy Can Work

Katherine Rabinowitz, LP, M.A., NCPsyA

Licensed Psychotherapist & Psychoanalyst
Union Square, Greenwich Village, New York, NY

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Therapy Can Work

Katherine Rabinowitz, LP, M.A., NCPsyA

Licensed Psychotherapist & Psychoanalyst
Union Square, Greenwich Village, New York, NY

What to Expect


You come in every week and talk about whatever is on your mind at the time. You aren’t required to talk about what you think are the important topics. You don’t have to talk about what you were talking about last week. Nothing is so unimportant, silly or irrelevant that you can’t bring it up. You might think other people’s issues seem far more serious, and by comparison, yours feel trivial and a waste of my time. Not true. If it’s important to you, it’s important, and you can bring it up as often as you want.

Therapy is a Process

It is sometimes hard to see progress from week to week, but often you can turn around and look back to where you started and realize that something has changed, and that can be encouraging, make you feel more hopeful and motivated to continue the process. Of course it’s often difficult to reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings. Sometimes people are afraid to try therapy because they think they will “have to” talk about some particular thing they’re not ready to talk about. Not so. We go at your pace, not mine.

Fears About Starting Therapy

When someone comes to therapy, especially if it’s for the first time, there can be fears about the process.

All of it can be initially intimidating and overwhelming, but learning to trust your feelings, desires and choices (and me) is all part of the process.

My general way of working is simply to let the therapy unfold in its own time and at your pace, to help you figure out where you want to go. I’m interactive, but not directive. I can’t presume to know what’s right for you in any given situation, and telling you what to do doesn’t help you for the next time. But I can help you sort through the options and see them from a more objective perspective and to understand why what you’ve been doing isn’t working anymore, and then you decide what’s right.

Whatever Works

I don’t have a formulaic approach to therapy. Sometimes I incorporate other ways of working – for example, recognizing negative patterns of thinking and modifying or replacing them with ones that are more realistic – if it seems to fit the person and the situation. I’m for whatever works for you, since one size clearly does not fit all.

No Obligation Consultation

I offer you the opportunity to come in and talk with me about whatever is on your mind. If you decide you’re comfortable with me, we set a regular time, and begin the process. In that case, the consultation is considered the first session, regardless of its length and often a consultation goes much longer than a standard 50-minute session and the fee is whatever we agree on for a regular session. If you choose not to continue with me, for whatever reason, there is no charge for the consultation. For most people it’s relieving just to be able to open up, and they usually feel better just getting started.

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